Bassistry’s 2014 album, ‘What The Hell Do You Call This?’ is music that crosses musical borders. The distinctive, edgy, pulsating Bassistry groove, merge with electronica soundscapes, underlain by the beauty of strings. The words explore doubt, longing and leaving, obsession, loss and hope. Soulful voices are prominent throughout the music that uses fragments of jazz, hip hop, soul, funk, and Latin. This album brings together the live sound with electronica; it crosses into Nu Jazz territory.

Marcel Pusey, composer, bass player and producer has brought together an array of London’s finest musicians who cross a spectrum of specialities to be part of his third album. Ivor Novello Awarded winner’s Cassell ‘The Beatmaker’ (Plan B, The Streets) Eric Appapoulay (Plan B), electronica prodigy and Emmy nominated Robert Logan (Grace Jones, Brian Eno), Strings arrangement, Sonia Slany (Skyfall, Peter Gabriel,), trumpet virtuoso, Jay Phelps (Tomorrow’ Warriors), drummer Sam Agard (Professor Green), Imaani (Incognito) have joined the Bassistry musicians to produce there strongest album to date.

Bassistry’s first self-titled album released in 1996 via German label, Okapi Records, was largely instrumental. Jazz Groove, explosive beats, exploring in different times, the music was characterised by its piano and saxophone improvisation.
In 2005 Bassistry released ‘In Time’. Marcel introduced vocals, bringing in Katy Seath and Nicola Bull and the trumpet became a distinctive feature. The album was more Soul Jazz led. Jazz Wise magazine to describe the music as ‘‘ like Incognito and the Brand New Heavies’ but a little grittier.’ Composer/Producer, Terry Devine King adapted 3 tracks from the album, becoming Laid Out, Downtown Groove and Funk to my Soul. They are now used on television programmes (Steven Fry Gadget Show and Richard Hammonds Crash Course) throughout the Europe.

2007’s ‘Try This’ EP, Marcel joined forces with Cassell ‘the Beatmaker’ (Plan B, The Streets), producing tighter songs with Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Soul influences. Mad About You was picked Craig Charles BBC 6 Craig Charles Funk and Soul Show.

The Players

Bassistry has had the privilege of working with fantastically talented musicians over the years.

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